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All about the festival. What it is. How it works. Where it is. How to get there. How you can join us.

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About the Work

Non-profits helping pilots helping the kids of Okwahu and surrounding communities. Changing lives.



Ride along with our pilots and get the inside scoop on everything we did and everything we saw.

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Join us for the 13th Ghana Paragliding Festival in 2018! One of the most unique paragliding events on the Planet!

Spectators, passengers and experienced pilots from around the world are invited to attend the event. Cloud base is consistently about 2000ft over launch and getting there offers perfect respite from the heat. Approximately 1400 feet below launch, the LZ is a spacious, grassy soccer field, only steps away from the hotel.

Relaxed daily flying conditions juxtapose with the enthusiastic joyful energetic atmosphere at launch. Hundreds of spectators shout with excitement as each glider leaves the ground. Television and radio crews conduct interviews with pilots and passengers alike. Women dressed in their finest Easter attire parade by, creating a wonderful display of vibrant colors. Eager tandem passengers wait anxiously to be matched up with a pilot to make their first flight experience above the little village at the base of the ridge.

PILOTS: If this festival draws your interests as a solo or tandem paraglider or hangglider pilot, feel free to contact the organizers at: Ghana Paragliding Festival

Join Us in 2018! Are you a pilot? Looking for some new challenges and adventures?

Here's somewhere you haven't flown yet. Smooth equatorial thermals, friendly locals eager to please, a fun, festive atmosphere. Join us in Ghana!


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